About Us

About Us
Our mission is to make learning about technology skills accessible and affordable. We partner with institution to provide them industrial trainer, Infrastructure upgradation possibility and faculty development programs. With a definite campus presence and classroom teaching methodologies, the course delivery systems are institutional in nature.

Our Course Basket includes hyper-technological areas like salesforce CRM, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science, Machine Learning, cyber security etc. to maintain workplace relevance for an ever-evolving job market.

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Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions We At mindZverse Receive About the Company and the Courses it Offers. Know the Answers to Your Questions!
You send an email at contact@mindzverse.com, and the team collaboratively working on the online training portal will revert with all the required details.
You simply need to login on our portal, and there you will find all details pertaining to online courses and training.
All our online courses are systematically categorized into sub-classes. The courses and the sub-classes can be accessed on our online learning portal with an option for students to download the study material.
If you are unable to play an audio file or a video, you can contact your online trainer, or write to our support team for help at contact@mindzverse.com.
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