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13 September 23

Digital Diplomacy: India’s G20 Presidency and Digital Public Infrastructure


The G20 summit is an eagerly anticipated event where major world economies converge to deliberate on global economic policies. This year, India, as the host nation, steered the summit with the theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future.” India’s Presidency placed a significant focus on “Lifestyle for Environment (LiFe),” underscoring environmental sustainability for a greener and bluer future. The Working Groups tackled a diverse range of topics, from agriculture to anti-corruption, reflecting the summit’s comprehensive approach.

The Tech Revolution Amid Global Challenges

Despite diverse viewpoints on the Ukraine conflict, the G20 summit managed to achieve consensus on technology regulations, acknowledging the rapid transformation of global economies and societies. The G-20 Declaration underscored the importance of enhancing safety, security, resilience, and trust in the digital economy.

Digital Public Infrastructure: Bridging Divides

One of the key agendas, “Technological Transformation and Digital Public Infrastructure,” highlighted technology’s potential to bridge existing digital divides and promote inclusive and sustainable development. Digital Public Infrastructures emerged as pivotal platforms, characterized by their technology-enabled interoperability, openness, and inclusivity, serving both public and private needs.

Harnessing AI for the Greater Good

The declaration emphasized responsible AI usage for the benefit of all. Recognizing the pivotal role of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) in service delivery, it called for international cooperation and discussions on AI governance. The goal is to unlock AI’s full potential while ensuring equitable benefits and mitigating risks. The responsible development, deployment, and use of AI encompass safeguarding human rights, transparency, fairness, accountability, regulation, safety, ethical considerations, bias mitigation, privacy protection, and data security.

India’s Leadership: The One Future Alliance

Under India’s Presidency, the declaration welcomed India’s One Future Alliance (OFA), a voluntary initiative aimed at building capacity, providing technical assistance, and securing funding for DPI implementation in low and middle-income countries. The emphasis lies in creating a digital economy that is enabling, inclusive, fair, and safe, adhering to existing legal frameworks.

Closing Thoughts: Shaping Global Tech Regulations

The G20 summit, under India’s leadership, provided a unique opportunity to set the tone for global tech regulations. In a world increasingly shaped by technology, these discussions are not just timely but essential. India’s proactive role in these conversations can pave the way for a more connected, secure, and ethically regulated tech-driven world.

Promoting Digital Transformation and Innovation

The Declaration committed to leveraging all available digital tools and technology to create secure and robust digital ecosystems while ensuring global financial inclusion. It also pledged to utilize digital technology to preserve and promote culture and cultural heritage, establishing digital frameworks for cultural and creative sectors and enterprises.

Empowering Through Data Science and UPI

Data mining and implementation has played a crucial role in the development of our ‘Swadeshi’ technology, the ‘UPI -United Payment Interface’. Which has assured India into the next digital revolution. And the number doesn’t lie! In July 2023 India witnessed a staggering 9.96 billion transactions totaling ₹15.34 lakh crore. This impressive growth underscores the potential of data science, an evolving technology that will make a developed economy. 

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