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05 May 21

Take Your Career to the Next Level with Artificial Intelligence


Technology is a thing that has silently crawled into every part of our daily life. It is possibly impossible for people to live without technology as it has got more profound into human existence. One might argue about remote areas where technology has merely stepped. But the truth is whatever we know about those places and whatever or whoever reaches there, there is technology somewhere in the whole system. It has achieved this much in its claim, and one of the most popular parts of it is Artificial Intelligence, the next technology frontier. 

With a seamless intersection of machine technologies and human intelligence, AI has made a widespread reach. We can easily find this one in action in every industry, even in our everyday lives. The versatility Artificial Intelligence possesses dictates a perfect partnership with the modern-day world. AI is the future, and our future will have a significant role of AI in shaping it. To mention, ‘AI and Human World’ as a ‘Two-Sided Coin’ will be no surprise. 

Future Careers in AI

AI is sure to impact every aspect of life, starting from simple joys to the economic scenario. When we talk about the present, more than 91000 AI professionals work across reputed multinational companies like Capgemini, Juniper, Google, Microsoft, and Accenture. And the future is brighter with more than 58 million new AI jobs globally by the year 2022, as per the World Economic Forum.

Some of the prominent future careers are:

Artificial Intelligence Researcher: With an average salary of 68,15,408 Indian Rupee annually, the researcher has a bright job outlook. These professionals will always stay at the crux of technological advancements while striving to bring innovations. 

Robotic Engineer: A robotic engineer or robot philosophy designer is concerned about the digital persona where AI algorithms are used to identify sentiments, instructions, images, moods, and speech. 

AI Cybersecurity Expert: AI cybersecurity expert works on algorithms to assist organizations in identifying various cyber threats, intrusion, and possible malicious activities.

Natural Language Processor: Chatbots, virtual assistants, and predictive smartphone behaviour need replicating human speech. Such requirements often call for natural language processors who have their annual worth starting at around 79,61,074 Indian Rupee per year.

Software Engineer: This traditional role plays an integral role in the AI ecosystem. The entire design and development of various computer programs and systems. When considering the career outlook of AI-based software engineers, the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts a growth rate of 22% by 2029 with an addition of 316,000 new jobs. 

Data Analytics: Data is at the heart of the core business economy. Hence, those who learn to manage data and extract meaningful business insights are sure to experience a positive career outlook. The future calls for an average salary of 45,34,235 Indian Rupee annually for data analytics.

User Experience Designer: With an expected growth of 22.1% by 2022, the job title has tremendous career scope. The UX designers with proper training and experience of understating consumers can earn 56,53,464 Indian Rupee per year.

The Bottom Line

Considering the future scope, the pace of technology development is incredibly high. But what is lacking behind is the number of trained AI experts. Unless there are ample AI and machine learning professionals, the gap is sure to expand. The time has come when the need to narrow down the gap has become more imperative. So, take a flight with a thoughtful course in Artificial Intelligence and push your career to new heights.